Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bits and Pieces

This weekend is the annual "fill the boot" campaign where firefighters stand at intersections and collect money for muscular dystrophy. They were set up at an intersection near my house and I saw them Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. 

I teared up both times. Tears may have even run down my cheeks. 


Can some one explain this to me? One time is kind of a fluke, it could have been attributed to something else and been coincidental. But twice? Does this happen to anyone else?


I am addicted to SongPop. It's kinda like name that tune. I finally downloaded the app last week after seeing it pop up on FB and twitter for weeks. I've been playing nonstop since then and it made me realize just how many songs, especially from the 90's alternative genre, that I can sing along to with absolutely no clue of the title. Too bad singing along does not help me 'name that tune!'


I'm on "vacation." I'm not sure why I keep feeling the need to use the quotes. Maybe cause I have no real plans, other than I'm at my parents' place near the beach. So, it's kinda more staycation, but without me actually staying at home. My mom has been here for the past two days but will head home tomorrow. I'm not sure how long I'm staying. I'm scheduled to be off work all week, but told my boss not to be surprised if I show up on Thursday. 

I can't completely check out of work because we have a big meeting coming up and I'm the point of contact for it, but I'm thinking I might take work email off my blackberry for the time being and just check it twice a day. I know I'm not really that important and that they can certainly live without me for the week. But, at the same time I feel like I have responsibilities and I don't want to drop the ball. 

So conflicted. 

So far I've been sleeping and reading. Two days, two books. I'm feeling optimistic I can keep this up for the week.

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