Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Left Coast

I spent most of the past week in California for work. In between the presentations and schmoozing, the learning and explaining I managed to fit in moments of fun here and there.

My toes didn't hit the water, but they did get a bit of time in the sand in wild
and crazy Venice Beach! Wowzers, does that place attract a unique crowd!

Santa Monica Pier was another stop on the whirlwind SoCal Beach tour. It was
cold out. I was sad. But still, glad I could check it off my list. 

My meeting was in Anaheim and while I never made it to the park I did get to see what Downtown Disney had to offer. 
Which, basically was a lot of Disney themed shopping and attractions
like Aladdin, Jasmine & Genie all made out of Legos. 
The meeting really did go well, and I got to spend some laughter filled evenings with some of my wonderful coworkers so all in all the trip was a win, but still.... I'm quite happy to be back on the right coast!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Work Zone

Things are going to be quiet around here this month, just a bit of a forewarning of what's to come and explanation of the past week.

I have three big meetings for work this month. One just wrapped up this afternoon. It was local, which was nice. But still meant staying at a downtown hotel for the past two nights and playing den mother for 50+ grownups so it was easy to forget I was a short drive from home.

Tomorrow I get on a plane for the next meeting. And then the following Saturday I leave again for a big conference.

Between the people and the travel and the early mornings and late nights and the people and all of the really important work and thinking and planning and the people, well, I'm expecting the month to be a nonstop perpetual case of exhaustion.

I'm peppering in bits of fun here and there when I can. And I end the month with a vacation, which does involve more weekends getting on a plane, but won't involve lots of people or early mornings or late nights or much working, thinking or planning. So really, it isn't all bad. Not at all.


I'm ready for April.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Weekend

My weekend is off to a great start. I went to Baltimore tonight with the work bestie and had dinner at Blue Hill Tavern, one of my favorites, and then went to see Jon Stewart do stand up.

He is a funny funny man.

His show was a mix of (what I assume was) planned bits and improved stuff based on audience interaction. I watch The Daily Show regularly so I expected funny, but honestly I think he exceeded my expectations.

I'm doing so much fun stuff lately. Seriously. Three of my last four weekends involved Bon Jovi, Chris Cooley and Jon Stewart.

I am a lucky girl.