Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweeping declarations and baby steps

Last January I wrote a post where I declared 2012 "the year of making new friends."

And then I either promptly forgot about it, or at least forgot to act on it. Because here we are, days away from the start of December and I can't say that new friends has been what this year was about. 

But, I have taken a few baby steps in that direction, going outside my comfort zone a bit and accepting invitations, and in some cases, instigating them. 

In fact, now that I think about it, an invitation that I extended led to receiving one. Hmmm.... funny how that works. 

Pretty much immediately upon moving to my neighborhood almost four years ago I started volunteering for some community events. I met a great group of people who organize said events and we've become friendly acquaintances. I really only had hung out with one of them beyond committee meetings and at events, but last month I ended up suggesting that she and another girl and I get dinner. 

Calendars were hectic, things came up unexpectedly and dinner plans shifted to Sunday brunch a few weeks later. And it was fun. Good company and yummy food in a near by neighborhood I never actually venture to on my own. And, it was a restaurant whose owner had competed on Chopped on the Food Network awhile back, which was pretty cool as I'm a big fan of the show. 

I mentioned it while we were there, and that I heard another local chef was going to be on the show soon and, as luck would have it, one of my friends was going to the viewing party when the show aired and she invited me along.

The party was on Sunday night and as the designated hour approached I was so very tempted to cancel.

I wouldn't know anyone else there and the people I was going with would know so many people. I was tired. I wouldn't know anyone else there and the people I was going with would know so many people. I wouldn't get home until close to midnight and it was a work night. I wouldn't know anyone else there and....

Well, you get the point.

But, I went.

And it was a lot of fun. Both getting to know these acquaintances better and the party itself. 

Let's hope I remember this a little better than I remembered that initial declaration!

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! I totally know what you mean about canceling. I'm so glad you went and I'm so glad that it went so well!