Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Left Coast

I spent most of the past week in California for work. In between the presentations and schmoozing, the learning and explaining I managed to fit in moments of fun here and there.

My toes didn't hit the water, but they did get a bit of time in the sand in wild
and crazy Venice Beach! Wowzers, does that place attract a unique crowd!

Santa Monica Pier was another stop on the whirlwind SoCal Beach tour. It was
cold out. I was sad. But still, glad I could check it off my list. 

My meeting was in Anaheim and while I never made it to the park I did get to see what Downtown Disney had to offer. 
Which, basically was a lot of Disney themed shopping and attractions
like Aladdin, Jasmine & Genie all made out of Legos. 
The meeting really did go well, and I got to spend some laughter filled evenings with some of my wonderful coworkers so all in all the trip was a win, but still.... I'm quite happy to be back on the right coast!

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