Monday, October 14, 2013

Changing My Rules

A new walking challenge is underway at work. As I've written about, I never really stopped after the last one, but this new, official challenge has me stepping up my game.

Especially since two of the people on my team won the last challenge! We kicked off on October 1 and I've been walking like crazy ever since.

My rule during past walking challenges was that I had to walk to the Starbucks 3 blocks from my office instead of stopping on my drive in to work in the morning. This time, as I'm trying to do even better step wise, I decided my rule is I have to walk to the one about seven blocks from my office if I want coffee. This was my M-F rule, driving to Starbucks on the weekend was ok.

Yup, was.

On Saturday I wanted Starbucks, and decided that I needed to walk there to get it, about a mile from my house one way. Yesterday, I was out for a walk and kept pushing myself to go a little further and then a little further than that and finally realized I was within about half a mile of a different Starbucks, and a coffee seemed like a good idea, so I headed that way.

So now, my new rule is that on weekends, if I am already out and about and want Starbucks, it's totally ok to drive there. But if I'm home and I want it, the sneakers go on and I have to walk.

I can't decide which outcome I'm hoping for more - that these new 'rules' I've made myself will increase my step count or decrease the Starbucks line item in my budget.

Either way, the outcome will be worth the effort.

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