Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charm City Times Three

One of the nicest things about my move inside the Capitol Beltway is my proximity to my home town. I don't make it back to the Baltimore area all that much but this week proved to be the exception, with three trips in the past seven days.

Tonight was for a belated birthday dinner for my roommate at Blue Hill Tavern, which as usual was amazingly yummy. It was her first time eating there and she asked what number it was for me and at this point I think I've lost count!

Anyway, earlier this week was the best reason to go to Baltimore... my cousins were in town, most importantly - Wiggles!

She may be an Arizona Girl but she was pretty happy in the Oriole's nest!

We took her to the Baltimore Zoo, which they've renamed the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, which, I will never call it. I hadn't been there in years, like probably close to 10 years, and I was surprised by the changes. Apparently financial trouble caused them to close a number of exhibits and now there is quite a big gap from when you enter the zoo until you actually get to any animals.

Either way, we had a really fun day. Wiggles has just learned to wave, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Well, besides when she pouts when you tell her no. That's pretty darn cute too, and quite impressive. (Mommy friends - Do nine month olds typically have a perfect pout down pat or this one advanced in her manipulative skills?)

I loved getting to see her (and her mommy and aunts) this week, but it just makes me miss her even more! So, until my trip out west this summer I'll just have to spend lots of time looking at all of these adorable photos!

Such a cute little turtle!

Who cares about a goat when you can stare at your own toes?

Boy, the zoo sure is exhausting!

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