Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who Needs Sleep?

I'm traveling for work this week, staying in a lovely hotel room with a super cozy king sized bed. The bed is well stocked with pillows the way I like them (kinda squishy), the thermostat in the room actually worked well so the temperature was perfect and my hallway and neighbors were quiet throughout the night.

So why did I get crappy, crappy sleep?

I kept waking up and checking the clock. The best was at 3:32 when I looked, went back to sleep and then woke up again, convinced hours had gone by and it was 3:51. Not happy! I wasn't paranoid about oversleeping - this is the one morning of the four I'll be here where I don't really have to be anywhere until around 11.

The actual worst part is I should have expected this. It's my usual travel pattern. No matter where I go the first night of sleep away from home is ick. I was just sooo tired, and the bed was sooo comfy.... I kinda thought all would be well.

Ugh. So, now I'm off to yawn my way through day one while thinking only 3 more sleeps til I'm home!

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