Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy... Not.

The past six weeks have been hectic.

The past week two weeks were insane.

We had my annual neighborhood music festival/music week, a great week of events that I happen to be the volunteer coordinator for. And when volunteers are in short supply, I filled in, going straight from work to the events several nights in a row. Then there was the festival.

Then it was the day after, when it hurt to move. My grand plan had been to get a mani/pedi that day but I hurt too much - especially my feet/ankle that I knew it would end up being more painful than pleasing so I skipped it.

Then I got up last Monday morning and went to work. And when I should have been heading home for the day I got on a plane. Then rented a car. Then drove to my work trip destination. Insert three days of meetings, schmoozing, meeting, meeting, sleep, repeat and then back to the airport to head home.

The airport we got to way early and ended up being in for waayyyy too long due to flight delays. I finally got home at 10:30 pm last Thursday night. And promptly left again at 9 am the next morning.

This time it was for a long weekend at the beach. I spent a bit of time with my parents, then my friends arrived for a fun filled weekend with their kiddos. We walked the boardwalk, played on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool and at the direction of a very imaginative almost four year old. (More on that weekend to come...).

I got home Sunday night around 8 and started back to work Monday morning, digging out from the travel, catching up on what I missed.

Today was a nice treat, a mid-week holiday and a day where I had no plans.

I slept in until 9:30. Read a book til 1. Ran a few quick errands and then returned home to clean my room (bye bye tote bags, suitcases and piles of books everywhere hello wood floors I can actually see!).

But then, the unthinkable happened.

By 7 pm I was bored. Completely, totally bored out of my mind. None of the books from my library stack seemed interesting. Facebook and twitter had nothing new to offer. It was my opponent's turn in WWF, Scramble and DrawSomething. I was so bored I ended up watching the Kardashians. (I know.)

So really, this doesn't bode well for the upcoming weekend. Saturday is my birthday and I've been relishing in the fact that I have no plans. It's been ideal that I could just take a break and enjoy some quiet time. Not drive for hours upon hours, get to do things on my schedule. 

But now, meh. 

I think I better come up with a plan.  

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