Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Day!

I've been so grumpers lately I feel compelled to document a day that was filled with positives.

The work bestie took me out for a yummy birthday lunch which was the first win of the day. During lunch I caught a glimpse of a text from my mom. My dad has had some health challenges lately and he had a surprisingly good doctor's visit today. The news went from grim and no good at all to really positive. Really really positive. This was of course the highlight. 

But then, things continued on a high note! My replacement debit card and license arrived in only 3 business days, not the 5-15 respectively as predicted by by the various companies. Oh, why did I need a new license and debit card you ask? Cause when you accidentally throw your wallet in the trash at the beach you have to go through the big hassle of replacing it all. (sigh)

I also got my first birthday card of the year in the mail, complete with a Starbucks card. :-)

Then I capped things off with Skype with Wiggles who was sporting her very first pigtails and munching away on corn on the cob. Adorable!

So I'm focusing on the positive right now. No complaining about the fact that the forecast is calling for 106 degrees on said birthday. Or that I'm annoyed by people who try and impose their feelings on others.

Nope, no complaints here, just a happy girl who had a good day!

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