Tuesday, September 24, 2013

18 out of 32

What is 18 of 32 you ask?

The number of days, starting tomorrow, that I will be spending sleeping somewhere other than my own bed in the next 32 days.

My trips won't take me all that far, only one time zone away at most, but will involve three flights, three road trips, five hotels, two houses and six zip codes. I'll go to two places I've never been before and see old friends at several stops along the way. I'll do a lot of work related schmoozing, because of course, it's October. (March, June & October = conference season in my world.)

Half the travel is work, half for fun. I'm looking forward to all of the trips for sure.

But I'm also kinda exhausted already.

(Basically, I could have just recycled my post from March but I figured I'd spice things up a bit with math this time.)

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