Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family Funnies

Over the past few months my father has brought up an old family recipe for rice pudding several times. Apparently it was his grandmother's and she passed it down to his aunt. His mean old aunt who rumor has it didn't share it with anyone. He asked both of his sister's about it and the one thought the other who still lives in the house they all grew up in might have had it.

I'm not sure how their conversation went, but I do know my dad told me last week that his sister had just emailed him a rice pudding recipe. He was hoping it was *the* recipe, but if not that it would be a good one.

On Friday night while my mom and I were at the grocery store getting ingredients I got a little suspicious. I couldn't imagine the old family recipe would call for jello pudding mix. My suspicions were confirmed when I picked up said box of pudding mix and found the exact same recipe written on the side of the box.

So much for great grandma's rice pudding.


Last weekend I went to sit in my parent's (newish) recliner and couldn't get it to recline. Later I asked my mom what I could have been doing wrong and she said it probably wasn't plugged in. 

Huh? Why in the world does a chair need to be plugged in. 

Well, it's an electric chair she replied. 

Yeah, mom, you might not want to call it that. 

She explained that the chair isn't a manual recliner, oh no, it's electric. So after you plug it in and press the button it moves for you. 

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. My dad defended the purchase, apparently when they were testing them out in the store mom just wasn't being forceful enough to uh.... (what in the world is the word you use when you want to say sit back up in a recliner? Is there a word for the opposite of recline? At least recline in this sense? I guess sit up will have to do.)

Anyway, I digressed. My mother wasn't forceful enough when trying to sit back up and she couldn't get a normal recliner back to regular position. So they bought an electric recliner. 

Friday night when we were having thunderstorms I kept begging her to sit in it because I think it would be absolutely hysterical if the power went out and she was stuck in her electric recliner. (Seriously, I giggled just typing that.) 

Unfortunately we never lost power (words I never expected to type) and she didn't find my suggestion nearly as humorous as I did. 

During said thunderstorms we were watching lots o' news coverage. In fact I learned that local news stations are required to stay on their air during severe weather to provide the public with warning and updates. Anyway, at some point something was annoying me about their coverage (I don't remember what) and I was arguing with the tv. 

My mom talks to herself all of the time and whenever I hear it I ask who she's talking to. She returned the favor, questioning why I was doing that. My dad came to my defense, saying at least I was responding to something someone else said and my mom comes back with: 

"Well, at least when I talk to myself then I can answer too and I'd be having a conversation"

No words. None.

This was a very good weekend. Filled with lots of laughter, lots of reading and absolutely no beach traffic! A total win all around. 


  1. I love the electric chair story! I've probably told you before that our bed gets plugged in - a ridiulous fact that I will never allow John to live down. I'm glad you mentioned the issue of the electricity going out. That could be a real problem if we needed to sleep and the back of the bed was stuck in the "up" position!