Friday, June 8, 2012


The internet is filled with funny blogs and twitter accounts ready to pick you up when you need a laugh, but I recently came across a new one that, in my eyes, trumps the rest.

Meet Honest Toddler

It popped up as a twitter account in early May and yesterday I discovered there was a blog too. Written from the perspective of the toddler (Not a baby, not yet a big kid) you'll find posts about why Pinterest is Making You Dumb, the agenda for the Toddler Unification Conference, featuring sessions like "Stop & Flop" and Potty Avoidance, and my personal favorite, the Sharing post ( Why should I share? Do we live in communist Russia? Did everyone at the park chip in ten cents so that I could have these dollar store sand toys?).

Kudos to the mystery mommy behind this new site. Seriously funny, funny reads.

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