Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today the Redskins released my favorite player - Chris Cooley. He's been with the team for eight years, roughly the same amount of time I've been a Redskins fan and NFL watcher in general.

So many athletes are out there setting horrible examples and doing ridiculous things with their fame and money. Chris Cooley is the exact opposite. Here's his announcement of the release below, where he is so kind and classy, and obviously emotional about this decision.

It amazes me, and yet it doesn't, that throughout this press conference he only has positive things to say - about the staff, coaches and team as a whole. Even though leaving wasn't his decision he still wants to see the team succeed and understands that their vision of success doesn't include him.

My dad asked me if this will make me "quit the Redskins." It won't. But I am surprised at just how sad Cooley's departure makes me and I know this season certainly won't be the same without him.

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