Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BlogHer Wannabe

Earlier this summer I thought about going to BlogHer '12. It was in NYC, I have a good friend who lives there that I owe a visit and I was intrigued by the idea of a blogging conference.

But then the idea fluttered on out of my head just as quickly as it fluttered in and I didn't pursue it.

Over the past week, seeing lots 'o tweets and now lots of BlogHer wrap up posts I'm pretty bummed I didn't go.

So I'm saying it now - next year in Chicago.

There are lots of reasons I can talk myself out it... I don't actually know anyone (IRL) that goes, I don't have a clue how I'd answer the "what kind of blog do you write?" question and I don't know that I write enough to really consider myself a blogger. I'm 8 months in and I'm still unsure if I want the world to even know this space exists (and, by the world I actually mean all those people I know IRL. You know, the ones that don't actually go to BlogHer which makes that argument quite counterintuitive).

But... I want to go. I think I'd really enjoy it. And going without knowing IRL people might be good for me. Or maybe in the next 11 months I can convince a friend to go too. And on a completely separate note, I've never been to Chicago and have wanted to go there for probably almost 10 years. So I feel like that's just a sign.

So, next year in Chicago.

Anyone want to join me?


  1. I will likely be there. It can be a really, really wonderful experience. I always love it. And those people you know in the computer turn out to be actual IRL people too. Who are often fun to meet. :)

    1. I know how much you hate when you have to travel *all the way* to Virginia so I think it would only be appropriate for us to actually meet in Chicago. :-)

  2. Hymn mayne this mommy blogger

    1. You have 11 months to figure out how you can take a trip without your kiddos during the summer. Can we book your parents now? :-)