Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been going through a posting lull, as I'm sure you've noticed.

I'm not really sure why. I still have lots of posts floating around in my head, but getting them out has turned into a task that I just can't quite complete.

I wish I could quit you, you oh so
addictive silly silly game. 
Sometimes it's my still spotty internet service that gets the blame (I'm ready to write a post but, darn, internet is down again so it will have to wait). Sometimes I start it but the words just aren't coming out the way I want them to so I end up scrapping it. Sometimes I've just been so frustrated and grrr about things I start and then stop because I don't want this to be a rant filled unhappy space, but all I can do at the moment is rant and be unhappy. And more often than not lately I'm spending blog writing time wrapped up in a completely mindless, yet completely addictive game of Zuma.

So there's the lull.

The ending soon (I hope) lull.

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