Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Case of the Missing Clothes

I'll admit, I'm not the neatest person. My bedroom often looks like I've regressed back to my teenage years. So it's not uncommon that I can't find a particular item of clothing when I want it. Usually I find it a few days later, buried under a pile of tote bags or still packed in a suitcase from my latest trip.

But this time, well, it's an entire outfit I can't find. And I'm SO perplexed!

I'm trying to do last minute laundry so I can finish last minute packing for a (semi) last minute trip. (Ok, so I booked the trip 2 weeks ago, but that's last minute and quite spontaneous from the standpoint of a planner like me). And I really want to take a particular shirt. I can't find said shirt ANYWHERE. So I started thinking, when did I wear it last? Oh, yeah, last week with black pants and a blue cardigan.

What a minute - where are those pants? And that cardigan?

How is it possible an entire outfit last seen together is now all missing?!?!

I checked the dirty clothes pile, the clean clothes pile (on my rocking chair, next to the closet, but not actually hung in said closet). I checked suitcases even though I know those clothes didn't go on my trip last weekend.

It's not like I have to have this shirt, and I wasn't planning to take the pants or cardi with me, so the laundry and packing has resumed without them but...

Where in the world can they be?!?!?

***** Update *****

Many of the mommy blogs I read reference how as soon as they write about their kid doing one thing (or not doing something) on the blog the opposite immediately happens.

It was kinda like that for me and the clothes. Within five minutes of posting the bright blue of my cardigan caught my eye, peeking out from a tote bag on my bedroom floor and suddenly I remembered! The day I wore that I outfit I changed into workout clothes at work to get my walk in around my office before going home. There they were, pants, top and cardi all crammed in the bag.

Mystery solved!

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