Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Next Stop

Last week I read the book Next Stop, a memoir from a DC area mom about her son, who has autism, reaching adulthood. It reinforced what I've come to know over the years, that resources for adults with developmental disabilities are lacking and families who have had a lot of support through adolescence are left wondering what's next for their young adults.

The author, Glen Finland, wrote about her family's experience in a really compelling way. It's funny, I bought the book because I tend to read nonfiction slower than fiction and was trying to slow down the pace of my book buying. It didn't work. I poured through the book in two days and can't stop thinking about it

And today, my twitter feed encouraged that, when the story below showed up.

This is such a cool program. I hope story's like the Finland's and this one will inspire more people to build resources for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities!

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