Friday, April 27, 2012

Silence is... depressing

I'm spending the weekend at the beach with my parents and on the drive down tonight my mom and I stopped off for dinner at one of their favorite "Family Restaurant's". I don't mind eating there, but it's not a place I'd choose on my own. However, I know how much my mom likes it, and it was cute how excited she got when I asked if she wanted to eat there.

Anyway, we're sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by two elderly couples to our left, and then couples around my parents' age behind us and beside us to the right. As we're looking over the menus and placing our orders I notice the unsettling silence.

While we're waiting for our food my mom and I keep the conversation going at a pretty good pace. She's chatty. Yes, I can be chatty too, but nothing like my mom. Time keeps passing and one thing stays the same - silence all around us.

At one point one of the women from our left walked over to talk to the woman on our right, but I never once noticed the people at any of the tables talk to each other. The couple behind my mom was the one I noticed the most and they did not interact AT ALL throughout their entire meal.

It was depressing guys. Really.

And makes me realize I should probably be nicer to my mom about just how much she talks as I definitely wouldn't like the alternative.

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