Thursday, April 25, 2013

A 'Rom Com' for your Reading Pleasure

My blog seems to be turning into more of a book blog, than a... um, place where I post random things, but oh well, themes can be a good thing. 

Not that I'm abandoning the randomness altogether, but I'm reading A LOT these days and love to share when I find a book I love. And... I was asked to participate in a blog tour for a new book and today's my day to post. :-) 

The book is Code Red, by Amy Noelle. It's her first novel, but not my first time reading her work. I've been a fan of her short stories online for ages (as well as a fan of talking NFL with her via twitter!). When I learned her novel was being published I had high hopes for it, and Code Red certainly lived up to those expectations. 

Amy's signature style is lots of humor and witty banter, woven into a budding relationship. Her characters are funny and believable - quirks, flaws and all. They draw you in and make you cheer for their successes and feel for them during their cringeworthy embarrassing moments. I've never thought to label a book a romantic comedy before, the term is usually restricted to movies in my vocabulary, but Code Red is the perfect romantic comedy. 

The story centers around Nicole and Josh, twentysomethings who meet at work and have an instant attraction. Nicole is interested in Josh, it appears Josh is interested in Nicole, but of course, things just aren't that simple. 

The story is quick and engaging and an absolutely perfect to add to your list of 'beach reads' as summer approaches!

Thanks to the awesome service Net Galley and Code Red's Publisher The Writers Coffee Shop I got to read an advance copy of the book back in January in exchange for an honest review. I also bought a copy once it came out a few weeks back, so I could have it for the inevitable re-reads, which really, tells you my opinion of the book more clearly than any review ever could!

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