Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleep Tracking

A few weeks after I got my iPhone I was looking through the app store at their list of most popular apps and saw one called Sleep Cycle. I was intrigued, so I forked over $.99 and downloaded it.

The basic premise is that setting your alarm clock to wake you up at a specific time means you are likely to wake up in midst of a deep sleep and be groggy. The app has you set a 30 minute window for when the alarm should go off and "during this phase Sleep Cycle will monitor signals from your body to wake you softly, when you are in the lighest possible sleep state."

Yes, she's cute, but not helpful
when it comes to sleep tracking!
Kinda mumbo jumbo, especially since nine times out of 10 I wake up before the alarm goes off, but I like the fact that keeping track of how much sleep I'm getting a night.

It also thinks it's telling me my sleep quality, based on how much I'm moving around during sleep I guess, but I'm guessing that number isn't the most accurate because of, well, her --->

At least I hope the fact that my darling cat spends the night wandering between her spot curled up at the foot of the bed, tucked in to the small of my back and or generally some of it attempting to share my pillow is the reason that my sleep quality at home is atrocious compared to my sleep quality when I'm either in a hotel or staying at a friend's house.

According to these my best nights of sleep have been at a Spring Hill Suites in Savannah, GA and the guest room at my friend's house on the Eastern Shore. Probably true, but unfortunately not feasibly replicated on a nightly basis. 

So while quality isn't really a fair judge of the app, it's making me think about my sleep patterns more, and I've definitely been trying to move bed time up to a more reasonable hour... which, means I better wrap this post up and get some sleep!

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  1. It means that you should stay with us more often:)