Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Man

While he's been mentioned or pictured on the blog several times (exhibits A, B, C & D), one of my favorite kiddos has never been formally introduced, mostly because I didn't have a good nickname for him. 

But yesterday, as I headed out to spend the night with his family in advance of our date this morning, I decided Little Man would be it. It turns out it was quite a good pick as I heard his dad call him that on several occasions last night and this morning.

Anyway, here he is:

Hi Aunt Stacy!

He turned two last month, and I did get to go to his birthday party before the crazy month of travel, but I decided that he and I needed our own outing once the craziness ended, so I asked to borrow him for the morning. While big sister Bug wasn't thrilled with a date that didn't include her, their parents were agreeable to the idea so Little Man and I set out bright and early for their local kids gym.

At first I wasn't so sure it was the best idea. We walked in and saw all of this:

Looks fun, huh?

But he only wanted to play with this: 

What 2 year old boy can resist a train table?

I was eventually able to woo him away, and then we had lots of fun swinging like a monkey, jumping, jumping, jumping, playing with balls, rolling down mats and, oh, did I mention jumping?

It was awesome! 

We capped off the morning with lunch at Chick-Fil-A, where Bug and their mommy joined us as well. 

I am feeling pretty lucky today - to have these two kiddos in my life, and that I got to return to my quiet apartment as one was having an overtired meltdown while the other insisted she was not tired and most certainly did not need a nap. 

Being Aunt Stacy is the best. 


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