Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's like Netflix, for clothes!

A month or so ago I stumbled across an ad online that caught my attention. It said something like "get clothing without commitment" and I'm pretty sure it was on Facebook, where I never click ads, but this time I did. And I'm so glad I did!

The ad was for Gwynnie Bee, a service that, like my title says, works like Netflix for clothes! You pay a monthly subscription fee and fill up your "closet" with the items you like and they send them to you. You can keep it as long as you want and when you're done with it you just drop it (unwashed!!) in the stamped envelope they provide and mail it back. A few days later, your next item arrives.

They have plans with as few as 1 item out at a time up to 5 at a time and there is no limit on how many items you can get in a month. Sizes start at 10 and go up to 28 and there is a wide variety of designers, many I wasn't familiar with before and some that I know, but would have never thought to browse (Lands End for example has been the source of my favorite dress so far - one I'm buying, from Gwynnie Bee for 45% off retail price!!).

I know I sound like an infomercial, but it's really been a fun thing to try and I'm totally loving it. My work wardrobe tends to be very black, gray and dark purple. Neutral, neutral, neutral with the occasional fun print thrown in during the summer, but generally I'm a fairly understated dresser.

But with this, I'll throw things in my "closet" that I'd likely never buy, but figure there's no harm in trying them out. I've ended up actually liking and wearing a little more than half the things I've gotten. The ones that have gone straight back in the envelope have been for different reasons - some too big, some too small and some patterns just so not at all me when I saw them in person.

A lot of the things I've worn have been beyond my usual style, but I've really ended up being quite happy with them, and gotten a ton of compliments at work and from friends.

Here are a few of the items I've gotten:

Super cute, huh?

They offer a free one month trial, with three items out at a time. That's what got me hooked. Then when I signed on, they gave me a bonus item for the first month, so I've been spoiled with a constant stream of clothes coming and going in the mail and several coworkers commenting that I must have been doing some shopping lately or where were the end of summer sales I was obviously hitting up.

If you dress up for work, or have an actual social life to dress up for, and you're clothes run larger than a size 10 I'd definitely suggestion you give Gwynnie Bee a shot - at least for the free month!

* This post isn't sponsored, I really just had to tell the world about this cool new service. But, if you do use my link and end up signing up I get a free month, which would be an added perk and much appreciated! 

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