Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shape of Us

I'm sure music has played a role in tv shows since there has been tv shows, but that role has certainly grown with the internet.

It's easier to find unsigned artists and bring attention to them, just by featuring their song on a hit tv show. What a cool job those production guys and gals have who get to suggest their favorite songs to be in shows. Or even better, just get to sit around all day listening to new music to find things that are a perfect fit for that dramatic moment in an episode.

Since I don't get to be the selecter of the music, I just have to get excited when I'm watching a favorite show and all of the sudden the music catches my attention. Usually it's the lyrics that get me. And I love that with the google it is so easy to just type in a phrase and in an instant have the song all for myself.

In this case, the tv show was Tuesday night's Parenthood that I just caught up on thanks to my beloved DVR. And the song is called Shape of Us by Ian Britt.

And in the meantime my (few) dear readers, I'm feeling kind and generous (as was Mr. Britt) and I've snagged the song from his website where he made it oh-so-easily sharable. The best part of his sharing - I had my options of size for the embedded link, labeled as Venti, Grande, Tall and Short.

Good voice, lovely lyrics and a Starbucks reference to boot... yes, Ian Britt has found himself a new fan!


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