Thursday, February 2, 2012

An evening at the mall

I had to metro downtown for a meeting this afternoon and since the metro oh so conveniently stops at the mall, I decided to get some much needed errands done on my way home.

First up was a haircut. I started going to a local stylist around a year ago. This was the fourth time I've been. Yeah, haircuts don't happen as regularly around here as they should. Partially because I think it's ridiculous how much they cost in this area, partially because I can never justify spending that much money if I just want a trim and third, well, because I'm always torn as to whether or not I want to have long hair or short hair.

I went in with long hair (several inches below my shoulders) and I left with short hair (just grazing my shoulders). I had to get my money's worth after all. My hair is sleek and smooth and wonderfully soft right now thanks to the deep conditioning treatment I splurged on. I'm pretty happy with the cut, but not sure how I feel about the side bangs I'm now sporting. Yes, side bangs.

The stylist really wanted to give me regular bangs, like hers. I said no. She asked again, and again, and I continued to say no, I do not want bangs. Then she asked about side bangs and for some reason I caved. Side bangs seem to mean I have to part my hair a certain way, rather than my usual letting it go where it wants approach. They also lead to attempted ear tucks about every five seconds, with minimal success.

Oh well. It's only hair and really, this is why headbands and barrettes exist - to make questionable cuts tolerable until it grows out.

After I finished at the salon I moved on to spend a gift card for clothes that I've been carrying around for a month now. I was quite disappointed to see that clothing stores still think we're stuck in 1982 and not 2012. I saw a black, tiered, faux-leather skirt that scared me. I mean really? Ask anyone and they'll tell you 80s fashion was awful. So why has it returned? Why?!?!

I avoided everything in near neon colors, with extra rucheing and off the shoulder necklines and just went for a classic, gray cardigan on clearance. After all, I have stylish side bangs now, I can get away with boring clothes, right?

I'm not a frequent mall shopper, so I was excited to see some changes. Lush opened, which increases the likelihood I'll cave at some point in the near future and spend way too much money on their fancy products. There's also a new counter service pasta place. You pick your pasta, pick your sauce and pick any toppings you want. I decided to take a chance on pesto - sometimes it's yummy, other times it's ick, and lucked out - it was good!

So a productive night capped off a productive day as we approach the end of a super productive week. I'm pretty excited that I'm taking a break from all of this productivity with a lazy weekend at the beach with my parents starting tomorrow afternoon.

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