Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why are you swimming when it's cold out?

Last Saturday morning I got a call from Bug's mom, saying that the little munchkin wanted me to come to her swimming lesson. Her logic: "Aunt Stacy likes to watch me swim when we go to the beach, so she'd like to watch my swimming lesson."

Valid point.

Unfortunately, I was at the beach last weekend, so I told her I couldn't make it. As expected, that led to more questions, the big one being "Why are you at the beach when it's cold?" I explained that I was visiting my parents but she just couldn't grasp it. When you go to the beach you play in the sand, jump in the waves, swim in the pool. You can't do these things when it's cold, so why would you go?

Apparently she kept asking her mommy that question over and over again all day that day (Sorry Sarah!).

So to make it up to Bug I went to her swim lesson this weekend. And to make it up to her mommy for all those questions about my bizarre, winter beach going behavior, I babysat for the kiddos for a few hours after the lesson.

First up, the swimming lesson. Last weekend apparently she got freaked out and kinda threw a fit and missed half her lesson because she was terrified of getting in the pool. Yesterday she got right in and within about 60 seconds had already gone under water. She was such a champ. Last summer when we tried to have her float on her back - being held up by her mom or I - she'd freeze. Yesterday she was as relaxed as she could be, lying on her back with the instructor's hand lightly holding her up, kicking her feet and then continuing to dunk under water. It was great to see, and even better to see her so proud of herself for her accomplishments. She completed her Level 1 classes yesterday and moves on to Level 2 next week.

After swimming we all went to lunch and that's when I noticed a voicemail from my dad. My parents love to hear funny stories about Bug and were both quite amused when she called while I was with them last weekend. They knew my plans for the day and my dad had left a message with a question for Bug. He wanted me to ask her why, if I couldn't be at the beach when it was cold, why was she going swimming? Didn't she know that you don't go swimming when it's cold?

I laughed as I listened to the message and then asked her the question. She looked at me with an expression that would have definitely contained an eye roll if she were about 10 years older and said "because I'm swimming inside, Aunt Stacy!"


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