Friday, January 27, 2012

Best "Aunt" Ever

I'm a single, only child so the title of Aunt isn't one that I should have.

But, I've been lucky enough to be Aunt Stacy for 3 1/2 years now to an adorable little Bug and, for the past 10 months, to her equally adorable baby brother (who still needs a blogable nickname).

I don't recall if my friends decided I would be appointed "Aunt" before she was born or if I earned the title in part because I cut a vacation short to be waiting at the hospital when she arrived, but I do know that since day one I have been completely wrapped around her precious little finger.

This is even more evident to me now as I recently purchased tickets to take the little munchkin to see Imagination Movers, one of her favorites from the Disney Channel.

I've only watched the show with her once or twice, but have been part of many "Idea Emergencies" that require a brain storm to solve. When I heard they would be coming to the area in the spring I offered to take her. I asked her mom if she wanted to go too, or if it should just be a Bug & Aunt Stacy date. Her mommy passed on the opportunity, so I went ahead and ordered the tickets for the two of us.


I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't expect this.

The tickets were $25.75 each. Those were for the 'cheap seats.' Not exactly a cheap price, but not awful. But the fees... dear lord are there fees. $2.25 facility charge, each. $10.30 convenience charge, each. $6.20 processing fee. Bringing my grand total (including the $1.00 I donated to St. Judes, because well, because I'm me and it's a children's hospital) to $83.80.


Can you believe that? I still can't.

My favorite part of the receipt - the "no charge" next to the mailing line. Like I should be grateful they didn't throw in another $.44 or whatever stamps cost these days.

So this is the part when you get to the grand total of $83.80 and you think about the fact that this is for a 3 year old who doesn't even know you are planning this, one who very well could have moved on to a new favorite show for the 30 minutes a day she watches tv by the time the show comes around in May. That's when a mom or dad (who have sense) would decide nope, we're gonna skip this one.

But, when you're Aunt Stacy, well, you have no sense. And you think about how much she'll like it. And how fun it will be to have a Bug & Aunt Stacy date and so then you click the order button. Like a crazy person.

Or, like the best aunt ever.


  1. Wow!!! You are the best aunt ever. Our little bug is one lucky girl and those imagination movers are 4 coniving men apparently.

  2. You ARE the best aunt ever. I paid a similarly exorbitant amount to take Sam to see the Wiggles when he was very young. *I* barely remember the show; I'm sure he has NO recollection whatsoever.