Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best. Spontaneous. Purchase. Ever.

I ended up going to the show on my own Sunday night. None of my friends were willing to splurge on the good seats, and, I wanted a good seat. And as you can tell from the photo above, I got it!

While it would have been nice to have a friend or two along with me there was something kinda freeing about being there on my own. I was less self conscious about singing along or screaming at the top of my lungs. When Jon wanted us to clap, I clapped. When he wanted our hands waving above our heads with a bit of jazz hands, I immediately joined in. I'll even admit to a fist pump or two. Basically anything Jon asked of us, I did. Now, those who have been to concerts with me in the past wouldn't say I usually just sit or stand in silence, nor am I claiming that, but it still just felt different to be there and not know anyone around me. 

A few other things to note.... 

1. Bon Jovi has been around for 30 years! And they are still rocking out night after night. Jon looked SO happy to be on that stage and was so energetic. 

2. Tico looks old, old, old. He was still smiling, but wow. He looks old. 

3. Years ago, quite possibly at my first Bon Jovi show, one of my friends made the mistake of telling us that when she was in middle school she had a crush on David Bryan. Um, yeah. I spent the show attempting to get photos of him for her and sending her texts about his dance moves and out of control hair. Hehe. She will NEVER live that down. 

4. Because of my good seat I was able to see something I've never seen at a concert before - an interpreter signing the lyrics. There were actually several of them, I think three different people, who would rotate through after each song. Has anyone else ever seen this before? Is it a Verizon Center thing? A Bon Jovi thing? Or something pretty common but that I've just not noticed previously? Either way I thought it was very cool!

5. They kicked off the show with You Give Love a Bad Name and ended with Livin on a Prayer. I really couldn't have asked for more!

The past two days have returned me to a bit of the grumps on the work front, but the constant soundtrack of Bon Jovi hits still running through my head is definitely helping my mood!

Which proves that ticket purchase was money well spent. 

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