Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wants vs Needs, Frivolous vs Frugal

I've been thinking about getting an iPad for close to a year now. Last spring when I got my bonus at work I put the money into savings, mentally earmarking it for the purchase.

The purchase I still just can't get myself to make.

I want the iPad.

But I don't need it.

I have the money to buy it.

But it's expensive.

I travel a good bit - for work, and personally to visit friends and family. Having the iPad would be SO much easier than lugging my laptop on trips. I pay all of my bills, I don't have any outstanding credit card debt, and the money is sitting in savings, waiting to be spent. So I can afford to buy it. It would be practical and make my life easier at times. And I want it. Suze Orman would totally stamp this purchase as a yes if I asked her permission. 

But I'm still dragging my feet.

And there's nothing logical about it.

How do I get past this? How do I convince myself it is perfectly ok to splurge on a pricey toy just for me?

(Those aren't rhetorical questions people. I need a push!)


  1. Buy the iPad. You deserve it. Plus, if you just go ahead and buy it, think of all the stress that will disappear from your life about should you or shouldn't you buy it?

    1. Thanks for the push Stimey! I ordered a refurbished one last night! I am apparently completely and totally my mother's child and just needed to get a good deal in order to make the big purchase. :)

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  3. When you visit Germany, it would be so much easier to bring with you.