Sunday, February 3, 2013

NFL Football: My Mother's Perspective

In honor of it being Super Bowl Sunday I thought I'd post some of my favorite comments from my mom during this football season:

As the ball is intercepted by the Redskins, "Let go of his leg and let him run! That's not nice"

"They are messing up the picture on the field!"

"Is that our team doing a good job?"

Mom: Well, the other team has to score soon
Me: No, they don't
Mom: But they're going to be mad if they don't
Me: We don't care!!

"I think it would be good sportsmanship if they picked that guy up after they knock him down"

When RGIII got injured against the Ravens, "Which one of those meanies on the Ravens hurt that little guy?"

Mom: Are they going to play against us anymore?
Me: I don't understand, who is "us"?
Mom: The Ravens.
Me: What?!?! I thought your team was the Redskins
Mom: Oh, yeah. Well are we going to play the Ravens again so we can show them who's boss?

While it would have been nice for the Skins to "show the Ravens who's boss" again I have to say I'm pretty glad we're not settling in for a Battle of the Beltway today. Because if we were, I wouldn't be able to say Go Ravens!

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