Thursday, February 28, 2013

Information Overload

Too. Much. Information.

That's my takeaway at the end of this long day.

There's just so much stuff coming at us these days, it's hard to process it. Actually, most of it doesn't even get to the point of being processed, it's hard just to actually see it all.

I'm working on a project at work and we've been disappointed by the response rate. Someone questioned if we have the right email addresses for our contacts. We confirmed the contact list a few months back before starting the project so for the most part, I feel confident that the messages are making it to people's inbox. But that doesn't mean they are being read.

I get so much email in my personal inbox, newsletters, discount services, event info, etc. The vast majority of it are things I want to receive but I've completely given up on trying to read it all. I scan the subject lines for Living Social and Groupon but that's about it. Most sales emails I get just get deleted, or languish in my inbox for me to seek out if I happen to be doing some online shopping. There are a few local events newsletters I try and keep up with, like Sixth and I synagogue, but even on that one I'm failing, as today I saw a Facebook post that said Emily Bazelon, author of Sticks and Stones spoke there last night and I had no clue.

I don't have an answer. A magical way to keep up with everything and not miss those great opportunities right there on my screen. Just something to think about, adding a bit more information to what you are likely already overloaded with today.

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