Sunday, June 2, 2013


I had an action packed weekend and have much to say about it, but not tonight.

Tonight I'm tired, and have a bit of a headache and am super annoyed by the fact that storms are rolling in when I really need to go for a walk. It's the last day of the walking challenge and after all of the hours and hours of walking I did over the past five weeks I'm not really willing to let this thing wrap up on a day where my pedometer reads 3734. No way, no how.

As I sat down to write something somewhat substantive I got distracted by a photo on my phone that I took at lunch.

I was in Richmond, having lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants of all times - Sticks Kebob Shop. As I sat down with my plate of deliciousness I snapped a photo, to tweet or post on Facebook, or something, I don't know, I got distracted by eating before I actually did anything with it. (Side note: Distraction is obviously the theme of the day.)

But now, it caught my eye and I can't stop looking at it.

It looks like a face. A kinda creepy, asymmetrical face. I'm vaguely reminded of Cookie Monster for some reason. Please tell me I'm not crazy and you see it too. 

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