Monday, June 24, 2013

Running on the Hamster Wheel

That's how I feel these days. Just going, going, going and not really getting anywhere.

Well, that's not true I guess. The going, going, going part is true, but it's not leading me in circles.

Last week I was crazy busy with a multi-day work event that was exhausting, exhilarating, stressful, successful and rewarding all wrapped into one.

Less than 24 hours after it wrapped up I went into an evening and then full day of volunteering for an annual event in my neighborhood. You know, the one I wrote about last year and said I didn't really want to be involved in anymore? Yeah. That one. I coordinated volunteers again, and spent 11 of 13 hours Saturday running around a field, carrying tables and chairs, putting up tents and delegating, delegating, delegating.

My feelings on it right now are exactly the same as they were a year ago. I want a break. I feel like I've done my part. June is generally a really busy month for me at work and the timing of the event is less than ideal. But, there are a few people that do so much in my neighborhood. And there aren't others stepping forward to help. But really, there's no time to think about that now because...

36 hours after that ended, I went into a huge meeting at work. The committee that governs my team's work came to town for their bi-annual two days with us. I had to present on a new project this afternoon and will present an update on an existing project first thing tomorrow morning. We had a dinner out tonight and I just got home at 9. The meeting went well. The feedback was helpful. The dinner was yummy. The company was good. But still... going, going, going....

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