Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Color Dilemma

Bubble Bath, the safe
(and boring) favorite
I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty products, but I do tend to get manicures regularly. For the longest time I just stuck with pale pink, OPI Bubble Bath to be precise, as 90% of the time I mange to smudge or chip my manicure before I even make it home from the salon and the pale color hid the chips well. I wanted to try more colorful options, but I knew better.

Enter the gel manicure. I'd heard of gel (aka shellac) manicures, and been intrigued, but for the longest time never tried them. For the uninitiated, a gel manicure is a different kind of polish, and a technique where your nails go under a UV light between coats, so it sets the polish immediately and there's no smudges or chipping. The manicure lasts 2-3 weeks.

The exciting part of this was I no longer had to be afraid of color! I could get something fun and not worry about looking stupid when one nail was messed up super fast.

Woo hoo!

But... the oh so very first world problem I've discovered since I've started getting gel manicures - I like the idea of color, more than I actually like color.


I'm on my fifth one and I've been unhappy with the color I've chosen each and every time. And then I'm stuck with it on my nails for at least 2 weeks.


Today I went with a friend to get my nails done and we both looked at my color options. I almost went with a repeat - Papaya Princess, a color I got two mani's ago that I didn't love at first, but did grow to like over the 2+ weeks it spent on my nails.

But I decided to get something similar, or so it appeared on the little sample. It was a bit less melon, a bit more pink, and it was named Just So Lovely.

On my nails it is not lovely.

On my nails it is hot pink. Neon pink. Bright, screaming, look-at-me pink. I was going to include a photo here, but the photo looks like the color looked on the sample. A normal, yet slightly bright shade of pinky peach, or peachy pink if you will. What's on my hands, well, I haven't been in the dark with the manicure yet, but I'm pretty sure they are going to glow.

Why do I keep doing this? Why do I keep paying for the more expensive manicure only to be frustrated with the longer lasting results?

I promised my friend I'd give it through tomorrow, to see if the pinkness grows on me. And I'm trying. But as I'm spending my afternoon catching up on work and getting some work done for a volunteer commitment I keep being distracted from the substance by flashes of color as I type.

I know neon is trendy again, but I'm not trendy. At all. So there is no use in looking like I'm even attempting it.

I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson that color is just not for me. I should have given up after 3 failed attempts, but no... I had to stick with it. Hopefully the fact that I'll likely end up spending money on a second manicure this week - to remove the shellac and replace it with my old favorite - will be enough to cure me of this stupid quest for color.

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