Monday, June 10, 2013

Walking, Walking, Walking

My six week walking challenge at work ended yesterday.

I walked 449,003 steps in the past six weeks, roughly 155 miles at my stride.

That's like walking from DC to Rehoboth Beach, then continuing my way down the coast to Ocean City. Can't. Even. Imagine.

I averaged 26 miles a week, or a little over a 5k a day. Not too shabby, especially since pre-challenge I'd say on a typical day I'd be lucky if I even got half that.

Last Friday, when it was raining all day I left work with 1500 steps on my pedometer. The old me would have gone home and stayed in the rest of the evening, maybe adding around 500 steps just walking around the apartment. The new me put on a raincoat and walked to pick up dinner, finishing off the day with 6286 steps. Not my best day by far, but a pretty good jump on the step count from where I thought the day would end.

I'm going to keep wearing the pedometer and keep aiming for an average of 10k steps a day. I tend to lose interest when I'm not accountable to teammates like I am with the walking challenge. And it tends to get harder to get out and get moving when the temperatures rise in the summer. But, I'm going to give it a shot.

If you know me, check in on me and ask me how the walking is going. If you don't know me, check in via comments on the blog. Right now I'm feeling pretty motivated on my own, but having some outside accountability certainly wouldn't hurt!

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  1. That is FANTASTIC! That's a tremendous amount of walking. Way to go!