Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday: American Idiot Edition

I went to see American Idiot in Baltimore this weekend.

For those not familiar it's the Green Day album from the mid-2000's that was written as a rock opera and did a year or so on Broadway and now tours the country.

I really liked it. So did my friend who went with me. The people sitting next to us on the other hand  well, they got up a left about 45 minutes in. Honestly, I was a bit surprised I didn't see more people leaving.

The show is loud, has lots of bad language and "mature themes." And being a Saturday matinee on Mother's Day weekend I saw LOTS of older mom's and grandmoms heading into the theater. I'm guessing most were season ticket holders and didn't know what they were in for. I can't imagine many in the senior citizen set choosing to go see the show.

So, they had quite a shock, and I saw a show that was really unique, had a creative and engaging set design and featured the music of a band I've seen in concert twice.

All in all, a great Saturday afternoon in my book!

Here are a few peeks at what I saw thanks to the wonders of YouTube....

The opening number, as seen on the Tony's a few years back

At the close of the show, after a pretty emotional story line and less than uplifting conclusion, the curtain dropped and then came back up, with the full cast on stage, each with guitar and then broke out into this Green Day classic. 

It really was the perfect way to wrap things up. 

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