Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yummy Dining

While DC isn't necessarily known for being a foodie town, there are a handful of restaurants that attract quite a bit of attention. One of those is Founding Farmers.

Up until this weekend I had only been once, for breakfast, several years ago. 

Now I've been three times. 

Yup, totally unplanned, I ended up having dinner there on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Well, Saturday night was planned, as the conclusion to a day of playing tourist and crossing Embassy Open House Day off my DC To-Do list. (More on the good (Haiti), the bad (Japan) and the rest of that experience is forthcoming in another post.)

The friend I visited the Embassy's with was excited about Founding Farmers too. She had never been but had really wanted to try it. That's actually a pretty consistent theme with most people I mention the restaurant to, both from in town and out of town.

Anyway, my friend and I went Saturday night and had a great dinner. Deciding what to order was a challenge as so much of the menu sounded amazing. We started with the popcorn of the day (it was ranch), I had the plank salmon, she had goat cheese ravioli. It was a great way to cap off a fun day.

Sunday, I had to work. There was a big conference in town, bringing in colleagues from around the country, a small group of whom I work with on an ongoing project. In between sessions at the conference someone suggested trying to get the group together to go out to lunch or dinner over the next few days, and it seemed like that night would work best. I did a little multi-tasking as the session got fairly technical and WAY over my head and figured my time would be best spent on Open Table. I did a search for dinner for 10 in DC and came up with available reservations for many restaurants I had never heard of and one that several of my out-of-towners had mentioned wanting to try. Yup, looked like I was making a return dinner trip to Founding Farmers.

On Sunday night I had the goat cheese ravioli and it was great. I also got to try the corn bread, old bay popcorn and some amazing grilled bread that was served with someone's mussels appetizer. Yum, yum, yum.

I don't know when my next visit to Founding Farmers will be, I mean, I think I'll give it a few weeks, or maybe a month, but I'm certainly not waiting years before dining there again like I did after my first visit!

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