Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wiggles and the cat

It's pretty mindblowing how a toddler can go from being a baby to a kid pretty much overnight.

I Skype with Wiggles at least once every two weeks. And within the last two weeks it's amazing how she started talking in complete sentences, and really having a conversation with me. Two weeks ago my cousin mentioned to her that I have a cat, and I moved the camera so she could see Emmy.

Last night as soon as our connection opened up Wiggles said "Hi Stacy. Where's your cat?"

Her mom laughed, and asked how she even remembered the cat. Wiggles just responded by asking for the cat again.

Finally, after our stilted conversation, punctuated by repeated requests to see the cat I went and scooped Emmy up from her nap on my bed so she could join in the Skyping fun. Once Wiggles got to see her we were able to move on with our conversation, about her dinner (which she thanked her daddy for making) and the doggies she sees on Skype and other family and friends she likes to talk to.

I love that kiddo so much, and I love how Skype makes it so easy for me, and my cat, to be in her life, even from so far away!


  1. Remember when video phone calls were crazy science fiction stuff? And now we can use them to share cats. Amazing times we live in...