Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First World Problem

I got a really really bad haircut tonight.

I keep telling myself it's only hair. It grows back. It's not a big deal. I'm sure others will think it looks good, even though I don't.

But... UGH.

It took me ages to find someone around here to cut my hair. For the first year and half that I lived here I'd just schedule haircuts with my old stylist when I was back in town visiting friends. I never made a trip just for a haircut, but always managed to work them in when needed. Probably about a year and a half ago I finally made the switch to someone local. Part of my hesitation was the whole trust issue. When you find a person who does what you want with your hair you stick with her! The other issue was cost. My old stylist worked in a snazzy salon, but also had a full set up in her house and by going there I only paid $20 for cuts. When I'm just getting a trim 90% of the time I hate the idea of paying $40 or more like you have to do around here.

So things were going well with the new stylist. I don't go super often, probably once every 4 months, so this was probably the 6th time I had been to her. Every other time it's been FINE. Last time she pushed to give me bangs, I said no and she respected it.

This time I asked for a trim. And then even showed her how much I wanted taken off. My hair was just resting on my shoulders and I wanted maybe an inch off, so it was clear of my shoulders and you could see beneath it. She asked about going shorter and stacking it a bit in the back, like hers. I said no, I was good with the style I had and just wanted a trim.

Then I took my glasses off and turned myself over to what I thought were trustworthy hands.

Now, I'm pretty darn blind without my glasses. So I could vaguely see what was going on and thought it I looked a little on the short side but not too bad. I didn't say anything because well, once it's cut, it's cut.

I realized just how short it was when the blow out started. She was curling it under and I realized just how little there was on the brush. Just how soon she was reaching the end of my hair. She didn't quite cut bangs, but cut the front just barely long enough to tuck behind my ears. Basically, I can tuck but it won't stay put. And overall length, well, it's above chin length for sure. I seriously think I was born with more hair than I have now.

I didn't say anything, because I'm non confrontational to the max, but I'm not going back. And I'm NOT happy.

And I know tomorrow I'll go to work and I'll get compliments on how it looks. And I'll have to be polite and say thank you. Even though it doesn't matter if others think it looks good when I absolutely hate it and don't feel like myself at all.

Seriously, trying to remind myself how 'first world' this problem is and I do know that.

But I'm still bummed. Really, really bummed.

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  1. I'm so sorry. That way sucks. Hair is such a big part of how you feel about yourself and when you don't think it looks good, it is the worst. I'm sure it looks nice and you're the only one who sees it the way you do, but I know. I totally understand. Bad haircuts suck. Thank goodness it grows. You should send an angry letter to the salon. Angry letters are fun.