Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thanks, Twitter!

Today was a day of great twitter finds...

First, the cast of West Wing reunited for a PSA to promote walking. I heart them, and, as one of my friends said after watching it, "I'll do anything CJ and President Bartlett tell me to do!"

Then there was the open letter from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to "Dr. Addison Montgomery" of Private Practice. Apparently on last week's episode of the show Addison had a baby and brought him home from the hospital and put him in a very unsafe crib - filled with blankets, pillows and a padded bumper. Seriously? She plays an obstetrician for goodness sake. I know it's just a show, just entertainment, but a lot of people get their information from tv and will see a "doctor" doing something and think it's ok. I LOVE that the CPSC reacted the way they did and I really hope that the post gets some publicity and attention.

And then there were funny tweets that just made me laugh, like this one:

": OH at Obama/Karzai meeting: "Wait, Clooney's not here with you? But I got an email!""

Or absolute ridiculousness, like this: 

Sen. Scott Brown's 23 year-old daughter is on his insurance, thanks to Pres.Obama! A plan, Brown wants to repeal!

I know there are lots of people out there who still don't "get" twitter, but I have to say, I absolutely heart it and find SO much great stuff there every single day.

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