Sunday, May 13, 2012

My date with a 3 3/4 year old

Friday was the big day - Bug and I went to see the Imagination Movers!

The Imagination Movers Rock-o-Matic Show! And honestly, it really did  rock! :)
And it was great.

I think her favorite part of the day was seeing the Movers in person. My favorite part was our conversations.
Her eyes never left the stage!

Case in point:

On the drive to Baltimore,
Bug: How did the Imagination Movers get out of the TV show to come here?

As we got to our seats she noticed a little boy wearing light up glasses,
Bug: They forgot to give me my costume!

When Rich, her favorite Mover, came up into the balcony near our seats,
Bug: (pointing to the stage below) he belongs down there

At dinner, when she was trying to take the lid off her fruit punch,
Me: You need to keep that lid on and drink from the straw because that fruit punch is mighty red and your dress is pretty blue and we don't want them to mix.
Bug: Ok
(A few minutes go by as she's eating and drinking then she looks up and asks)
Bug: Aunt Stacy, what does mighty mean?

And her best line of the day:

"That place was full of happy cheerful people"

 It really was a great show and I have to say the Movers did a really good job of trying to keep  it entertaining for the adults, throwing in songs from Blink 182, Coldplay, U2 and some oldies like Twist and Shout. They also worked in A LOT of Baltimore references, my favorites being the drummer's reference to himself as the Cal Ripken of children's music and their closing at the end "Thanks for coming, hon!"

I know I have to keep my natural tendency to spoil the munchkins in my life in check, but seriously, that afternoon was well worth every dollar I spent!

A very happy kiddo at the end of our date! 

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