Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's the Big Idea?

Remember waaaayyyy back in January when I wrote about being the best aunt ever? Well, the exciting day is almost upon us - tomorrow afternoon Bug and I will be enjoying the Imagination Movers.

We just told Bug a few weeks ago about going to the show and she's quite excited. She's started calling them "The Mag" and can't wait to go see them.

I think one of us will enjoy it a bit more than the other.

I've been doing my homework. I figured out logistics like where to park and some kid friendly restaurants near the theater where we can get dinner. And more importantly - I learned the names of the four Imagination Movers: Scott, Dave, Rich and Smitty and, I can tell them apart! Impressed, aren't you?

I also learned about the sidekick, Nina. She always wears red and pink. Apparently Bug would like us to dress like Nina tomorrow, but I don't really own red or pink so I suggested she do that without me.

I really hope it all goes well - that the show lives up to her expectations and that I can successfully pull of my first Aunt Stacy & Bug date in about two years!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - it was great! She's at such a fun age and the Movers did a good job of keeping the show entertaining for the adults too. :)

  2. Success!! She was still talking abt it at bed time. Apparently, rich's hair was taller than on tv. The rest were the same though. Thanks for being a winner!

  3. Hehehe. YAY! I'm so glad she liked it. And, can't believe she noticed Rich's tall hair when she was so busy saying he didn't belong up there. :-)