Friday, January 6, 2012


My goal tonight was to go to sleep by midnight. It's 12:37 am as I'm typing this and I don't know that sleep is imminent.

But, I napped from 8:45ish til 11. Which has to count for something, right?

Tonight was one of those nights where I just could not stay awake. Before taking the long(ish) nap I cat napped several times while watching the evening news. Actually, since I can't say I remember much between hanging up the phone with my mom around 8 and actually turning off the lights at 8:45, I can probably roll back that start time on the nap by a bit.

Naps, are good. Sleep is good. Being perpetually awake til 1 am or later, well, that's bad.

I've read an abundance of articles about how to get better sleep - set a routine, only use your bedroom for sleep, don't watch TV in bed, etc. The problem is, I pretty much live in my room. Sure, there are other rooms in my apartment, and I'll occasionally spend an evening reading or watching TV from the living room but... 90% of the time that I'm home, it's spent in my room.

Changing the things that could (would?) impact my sleep habits means changing my life habits as a whole. And, well, we all know just how well I do with change.

For tonight, I'm still chalking this one up as a win as I may not have gone to sleep before midnight, but I still got sleep prior to midnight. And that my friends, is what they call a small victory.

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