Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This afternoon I was on a work call listening to someone complain about just how busy she was. She couldn't possibly get to that project, because she had this, this, this and that which were all so much more important. She used over dramatic phrases like being "buried under work" and "drowning in projects."

Ugh. It's just so annoying to listen to something like that.

And it's even worse when you realize you're the person saying it.

< insert shocked gasp here >

Yes, I was the self-important Whiny McWhinerson on that call.

Before I even hung up the phone I was so annoyed with myself for falling into the trap. You know the trap. The one where you feel like you're doing SO much and no one else can possibly understand everything on your plate. Blech. I hate being that person. Yeah, I've got a lot going on, but so does everyone. And since I like 90% of what I'm doing and love the people I work with and the cause I'm working for I'm a damn lucky girl.

What I can't figure out is how to remember that. How do I calm down, take things one task at a time and stay focused on all of the good in my day? How do I appreciate that I'd rather be busy doing good work than be stagnant and bored?

The person I was on the call with was pushing and not hearing what I was saying. But my reaction still wasn't what it should have been.

Tomorrow is another day, and one I hope I can handle better.

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