Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ok subconscious, that was a little bizarre

I had the strangest dream this morning.

I woke up around 7:30 and decided I wasn't ready to be awake and proceeded to go back to sleep. During that return to sleep I dreamt I was at my parent's house (though it wasn't really their house) but it must have been attached to my office (which wasn't really my office) because I kept being back and forth between the two. We were celebrating Christmas, with the house all decorated (weird because I primarily celebrate Hanukkah, though we exchange presents on Christmas since my dad isn't Jewish) and two of my (Jewish) cousins were present, one with her daughter and her dog (they live on the other side of the country).

Things in my office were a bit out of the norm as well, with Jason Gideon (character from Criminal Minds) as one of my coworkers and some big meeting/conference call involving the former D.C. Superintendent of Schools happening (I don't work in education). It was chaotic and weird, and then I'd walk down the stairs and be back in my "parent's house" where my mom was giving my cousins checkbooks for a joint checking account with her "in case they ever needed money". Um.... ok.

So... to unpack the weirdness and figure out where my subconscious got these things...

1. I did talk to and/or email with both cousins yesterday
2. I also talked to my dad, about my mom's job - she's a teacher
3. Work is pretty much always a part of my dreams and...
4. As we established yesterday, I watch WAY too much Criminal Minds.

Kinda glad to be awake now, as this is a much less confusing state of mind.

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  1. Dreams are such a crazy thing. I actually really enjoy them, but they can throw you for a loop sometimes. Sometimes Dream Alex will do something that makes me mad and then I'll be weirdly upset at Real Alex for a while.