Monday, January 2, 2012

Football Giveth and Football Taketh Away

Yesterday was the end of the regular NFL season.

My beloved Redskins ended the season 5-11. It was the Head Coach's worst record in his lengthy and esteemed career (his second worst was last season. Also with the Redskins). Over the past three seasons they've won 15 games. Some perspective for the non-football fans among you, some teams won 14 or 15 games THIS season.

But, I still love the team. I watch the games, while wearing the merchandise and clapping and cheering for each and every touchdown. Even in these hard times I can recognize the effort the players are putting forward and celebrate the individual performances which in many cases are impressive.

My dad is a football fan too. Planning his schedule around the games and staying up well beyond his normal bedtime when his team plays a night game.

And... that's where the similarities end.

His team is the Ravens. My hometown team who didn't move to town until I left for college. A team who won the super bowl a few years after coming to town and has been in the playoffs for the past 4 years, this year ending their season with a 12-4 record, winning their division and landing a second seed playoff spot.

When I called my dad yesterday at the close of the game, when they clinched that wonderful playoff spot, his response was filled with grumbles and complaints. I got a litany of each and every misstep, missed catch and fumbled play. I just rolled my eyes and listened. Really, it was the theme of the season. Apparently perfection is what my dad seeks in his football team and the Ravens just aren't perfect.

So tonight I was quite surprised when my dad called to talk football again. He was talking to his brother today and it clicked for him. My team finished 5-11, his 12-4. My team needs major rebuilding and changes to have any hope of seeing the playoffs next year or the year after. His team has a decent shot of making it to the Superbowl this year. He said from now on he's going to try and be more positive about the Ravens when he's talking to me.

{You got that, right? Not more positive in general about this darn good team, just more positive when talking to me.}


As another sad season of Redskins fandom came to a close, I did have a pretty happy football moment. I placed third in my fantasy football league! I'm up to three leagues these days, but this is the original league. The one that kicked off the obsession back in 2007. My record thus far was 7th place (twice), 6th and then 5th last year. Miracle upon miracles I skipped the expected 4th place ranking and jumped right to third! Score!

That meant winning $40. Money that I was happy to go spend today on super cute new red shoes and a fun coin purse. Totally what you're supposed to spend money you won betting on football on, right?

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