Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Trying to come up with a name for a blog is hard.

Especially when it isn't really a themed blog (food, kids, etc) and is more going to be a brain dump kinda place. I was going through combinations of my name, where I live, what I like to do and nothing seemed right. I couldn't go with anything inside the beltwayish because this is certainly not going to be an overtly political space. I like reading, and football and music, but since I'm not writing about any one thing that didn't work for me either.

I didn't want to just use my name or a variation of it so I started thinking about nicknames I've had over the years. There really weren't many memorable ones, and none I liked all that much with the exception of two - SG & CP.

SG was coined by an old roommate years ago. It stands for Stacy Gracie. It's been eight years since we were roommates and about five since we were regularly in touch, but whenever I hear from her the greeting is always the same - "Hi SG!" And it always puts such a smile on my face.

CP is something a few good friends came up with a couple of years ago and it stands for Cutie Pie. When I asked why cutie pie they said because I am one. {Insert dramatic eye roll here} I by no means agree with their opinion, but I do love being called CP.

So here's the question, what's up with my love of initial nicknames? I'm not sure what about them makes them so appealing. But they are. So. Damn. Appealing.

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