Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random musings

I have a cold.

It's just a cold. Nothing serious or life threatening. A minor thing. Not really worth mentioning.

But wow, it's annoying! And therefore I feel compelled to mention it.

My dad wants me to come visit this weekend. I can't decide if I'm up for a 2 1/2 hour drive each way just to sit in the house and watch football. Though, he does have a MUCH better tv for football watching. Anyway, I called my mom tonight and one of the first things I said was that I wasn't sure if I was coming this weekend, but if not maybe we could meet up on Monday so I could get the camera back that I left at my aunt's house. I even elaborated on my reasons for my uncertainty.

The conversation moved on to chatting about both our days, her usual favorite question of what I was having for dinner, etc. And then, not even 10 minutes later....

Mom: So did your father ask if you were coming to visit this weekend?
Me: huh?
Mom: He was going to see if you wanted to come watch football with him
Me: um... we already talked about that mom. In *this* phone conversation. Like, 5 minutes ago.
Mom: :: silence::
Me: I told you what I'm considering doing.
Mom: Really?
Me: Wow. You just weren't paying attention at all, huh?
Mom: Well, I guess not. So, are you coming?


My cat is snoring. Quite loud for as tiny as she is. Right now she's sleeping at the foot of the bed. As soon as I go to sleep she'll move and place her self half on my pillow, directly between the air from the fan and my face.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, basically hugging the wall because she had moved herself to the middle of the bed. Did I move her? Nope.

Cause apparently she's in charge around here.


This morning it took me 25 minutes to get to work. Not bad for an inside the beltway commute, I know, but the norm is more like 10 -12 minutes, including my stop at Starbucks. (Side note: I am a lucky, lucky girl.) A construction crew has taken to parking in the usually clear spots near my Starbucks, and this morning everyone else needed their caffeine at the EXACT SAME TIME so I drove around the block twice before finding a spot.

Needless to say (yet I'll say it), I approached the store with just a touch of grumpiness.

As I was approaching the door, maybe about 10 steps away, the woman going in stopped and held it for me. I was definitely still several steps out from the expect holding the door zone, so that was really nice. We got in line together and she started chatting with me. She was on her way to Baltimore for a meeting, hoping to make it on time, but she was not at all stressed by the line. Just super friendly. We slowly made our way to the front and were waiting for our drinks, when friendly gal struck up a conversation with another patron, an older woman who was using a walker and lugging a large suitcase. She asked her where she was headed and I genuinely think that she was about to offer her a ride. The woman said she was just trying to get a cab and friendly gal (whose drink had already been called by the way) gave her advice on the nearest place she'd likely find a cab, then offered to look up the number for a cab company for her. The woman was trying to balance a pen and paper on her walker, while keeping her suitcase upright and then friendly gal just offered to call the cab for her. Friendly gal didn't leave until the cab was on it's way and the woman knew exactly where to go to wait for it. It all took a good bit of time really, especially considering she was worried about making it to an out of town meeting on time.

Totally a random act of kindness that was great to see this morning.

I'm going to sleep before midnight tonight. Even though Jack's Mannequin is on Leno and I heart them. Because when you are sick you do the responsible thing and get extra sleep. You don't stay up and watch late night tv. Nope, not staying up.

Going to sleep. Before midnight.

For serious.

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