Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flambe is fun... and Yum!

I went to dinner with some of my favorite family members last night. A yummy four-course tasting menu at Blue Hill Tavern that ended with bananas foster, flambeed table side. By that point in the meal I was completely stuffed and only ate a few bites of the dessert. I feel like I really missed out (note to self: next time only have a few bites of salad so you are still hungry for dessert.) so I'm thinking I might try it at home.

It looked easy enough. Melt a little butter in the pan, add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar, put in the bananas and then some rum and... WOOSH!

Granted, the woosh part is a tad bit scary. Especially since I have a history of kitchen experiments leading to a visit from my friendly neighborhood firefighters.

So what do you think? Should I go for it and give flambeing a try?

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