Thursday, January 19, 2012

For the love of God just FOCUS

That's what I need to say to myself tonight.

I've started three different posts, writing anywhere from a few paragraphs to just a title, before getting another "better" idea and starting over.

So tonight you will not be hearing about

1. My travel plans, or lack thereof, for 2012
2. The uber awkward gathering I had to sit through at work today
3. The insanity of local news where tonight's top stories included a proposal in Virginia to start selling pot in ABC stores (state run liquor stores) or the legislation in Maryland to prevent people from DC from relocating DC rats into Maryland.

You get none of those, because I can't seem to focus long enough to write anything of substance. A carry over problem from my work day, where every few minutes I'd get distracted from one project and drawn into another.

Blocking out the "noise" and focusing is becoming more and more difficult. And apparently my attempts to do so just result in SO much tension built up in my back/shoulders/neck. I finally left the office around 7 tonight and as I was walking away from my desk I realized my back was killing. It just felt so tight and achy. I had zero interest in cooking dinner, so instead of heading straight home I drove towards an area with a bunch of restaurants.

But, that troubling lack of focus stayed with me and I couldn't decide what I wanted. I ended up just driving around for 15 minutes or so, taking in the charming historic neighborhood I was in and I realized, my back didn't hurt anymore. I could actually feel the tension melting away, just like that.

And... I have no clue where I was going with that story. UGH.

Ok, it is obviously time to put the laptop away because I don't know how to handle the extraordinary power that comes from having a blog. Instead of more rambles from me I'll just say goodnight and leave you with a picture of a super cute snuggly sleepy kitty cat, cause, well... I can.


  1. Wait. DC is sending their rats to Maryland? How are the doing that? With the Pied Piper?

    Glad you found your way to relax!

    1. Apparently it was recently made illegal to kill wildlife in DC. You have to capture it alive and take it out of DC to release it. Depending on what you read this may or may not include rats as "wildlife" and therefore a delegate from Baltimore County is quite afraid that mass quantities of rats will be brought from DC into your state. I could maybe, just maybe, see this being an issue of concern for Montgomery or PG County. Really, still no, but it just makes it even sillier that it's someone from north of Towson who is proposing legislation to ban DC rats from the state.