Sunday, January 20, 2013

All About the Food

I don't obsess over Richmond restaurants too much. I have a few favorites that I miss and do think about often, but for some reason this weekend more and more places I used to love are popping into my head and I'm planning my days around hitting up as many of them as possible while I'm in town.

I'm skipping my all time favorite, Edo Squid, because I did get there in December. Every where else I'm hitting up on this visit it's been 9 months or more since I've been to. Craziness.

So, what are these wonderful places you ask?

First there's Sticks. A yummy kebob shop with the best hummus ever and an awesome cilantro lime dipping sauce. I love this place so much opening up a franchise of it in Northern Virginia is on my "if I won the lottery" list. I expect to eat here twice this weekend, and return home with a platter for me and one for my roommate in the cooler I brought along.

There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Northern Virginia. But all the ones I've come across are on the upscale end. The ones I love so much in Richmond are the sloppy Mexican kind. Cheap prices and yummy food. There are several local chains I enjoy, but Casa Grande was the one I chose for this visit.

One of my friend's is celebrating her birthday this weekend and we scheduled a mid-afternoon sweet treat of crepes at Baker's Crust. My favorite is the Diablotin. It's amazing.

Pizza has also been on my mind since I got to town. I'm still not sure which of the two places I miss I'll get to - either Extreme Pizza's Holy Cow or Superstars Cheese Explosion, but both have a take and bake option and one of them will be dinner tonight, while watching football.

Hmmm... I'm both starving and stuffed just reading over my list!

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